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Saturday, October 25, 2014


I've been inspired, of late, to get back in the blogging saddle -- by my wife's academic work, by two talks I recently gave at church (on cinema and literature for the discerning Christian), by having become friends with a blogger whose work is coming to fruition in the world of publishing, by my having become a local radio personality (in some miniaturist degree) doing a book minute each day on the oldies station for which I work. (I'm no longer teaching or working at Target, but am an advertising executive and copywriter.) I'm still a voracious, if slow, reader, after all, and sometimes that :60 daily canvas feels too small for what I want to discuss, especially given how difficult it is to really know how many people tune in specifically for it each day here in Casper, Wyoming. (Hundreds of people hear it each day, but how many have gotten in the habit of tuning me in on their dial with literary intent?) So, yes, consider this a modest return to the room. I've missed it.

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