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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Regarding my comment, in a post last September, on what I had perceived to be Adam Thorpe, as a citizen of France (he was born there and lives there), being ineligible for the Booker Prize:

I have it on good authority (a friend of mine was fortunate enough to meet Thorpe a few months back) that he is both very kind and very irritated that his novel Hodd didn't so much as make the Booker Prize longlist last fall. All of which tells me that he must have dual citizenship -- for what reason would he have to be miffed if he were, as I'd supposed, ineligible for the prize in the first place?

Leading me -- given the accolades Ulverton earned upon its publication and the brilliance of Hodd (I'm reading, and loving, the latter right now) -- to wonder as to the reason Thorpe's work is continually passed over. Hmm.

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