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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm returning to blogging, but Booking a Room with a View is undergoing a twist: while the Booker remains nearer and dearer to my heart than its peer prizes, the death of the Good Reads group which functioned as a goad to my regular reading of its novels, coupled with my commitments to the Eclectic Shade Tree book club (celebrating its tenth anniversary this year) and to Dickens 2012 celebrations, is forcing me to cast a wider net (squeezing Booker-finalists and -winners into the heady brew of apocalyptic and Victorian fiction consuming my time of late has proven impossible).

Henceforth, then, this blog will be an all-things-book space: reviews both glowing and vicious, columns, even (fingers crossed) interviews (with fellow book bloggers, with novelists of note, with English professors, with publishing insiders, with average readers).

Looking forward to a fresh start. See you soon.

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